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Austin Man Suffers Grave Injury From Rock Thrown Off I-35 Overpass

Updated: Friday, August 1 2014, 08:24 PM CDT

Kenneth Johnson, 36, had no idea what hit him. He was just driving home between two and three in the morning when he gets off work.

He was on the lower deck of I-35 when all of the sudden a rock went through his windshield.

Someone had tossed a softball sized rock off an overpass and it hit Kenneth in the head.

The rock smashed his face and that caused him to wreck.

Doctors rushed to save his life. Working on aneurism in his neck -- then he suffered a stroke.

Now he's totally paralyzed on his right side. He cannot communicate.  He can't talk.  He can't write words.

John Petri is Kenneth's friend and roommate. He says Kenneth is a well-loved musician in Austin, playing bass for an Austin band called Barry Whitesnake.

"The network of friends that he has in this town is in the thousands. Everybody knows who Kenneth Johnson or Kenny Johnson is. Everybody knows who he is," he says.

And he wants everyone to know what happened to his friend, and to get the person who randomly threw the rock at his vehicle in the middle of the night.

"Right now everyone's life in danger on I-35 on the lower deck at night," Petri says.

He needs extensive therapy but he has no insurance.

To donate for his medical expenses, go to


Saturday at The Lost Well at 9 p.m. and Sunday at the Red-Eyed Fly at 3 p.m.

(Photo from Kenneth Johnson's family.)

By Walt Maciborski

Austin Man Suffers Grave Injury From Rock Thrown Off I-35 Overpass

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