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Austin Police Association Asks Chief to Rethink Officer's Suspension

Updated: Wednesday, June 11 2014, 05:00 PM CDT

A battle is brewing between the Austin Police Association and Police Chief Art Acevedo.     

Chief Acevedo sent out a memo to the civil service director explaining exactly why Officer Jonathan LaBorde was suspended.

The memo says by chasing down a suspect with his gun drawn he put himself the public and responding officers at risk.

Austin Police Association President Wayne Vincent called a press conference Tuesday to urge the police chief to change his decision to suspend Officer LaBorde for ten days.

Police say Laborde was off-duty at his church when a man with blood on his face ran through the church hallway. LaBorde went after the man with his gun drawn.

Uniformed officers were already after the man for a suspected theft at a nearby T-Mobile store.

Acevedo says in the report that despite hearing sirens and seeing uniformed officers, LaBorde continued to pursue the suspect without weighing the risks.

But Vincent says LaBorde did what he had to.

"If chasing a bloody man through your church and trying to take him into custody until you figure out what happened -- if that's inappropriate, why are we here?" asked Vincent.

Officer LaBorde is suspended for 10 days without pay.

By Rachel Kent

Austin Police Association Asks Chief to Rethink Officer's Suspension

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