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Back To School Bus Problems In Round Rock

Updated: Thursday, August 28 2014, 10:39 PM CDT

The first week of school parents can expect a few hiccups. Parents in Round Rock ISD say this year bus schedules have been the issue. The district is hoping to get the buses on back on track before school Friday.

"Hey Lucas! said Autumn Gerleve as she picks up her niece and nephew from the bus stop in Round Rock. "You guys ready?"

Thursday their bus was ten minutes late, a vast improvement from the first day of school Tuesday. "It was very hectic," said Gerleve. "I was told there was a certain bus number I was looking out for. That bus was 30 minutes late."

A delay can quickly turn into a nightmare for a mom who picks up four kids from three different locations after school. "When I don't know what time the bus comes, then I may be late to get the next student," said Gerleve.

Sally Tanner had similiar problems in her neighborhood. "Tuesday we tried to get the kids on the bus and the wrong bus number showed up, and then told us our kids weren't authoritized to be on that bus."

Wednesday, the bus didn't stop at all. "My husband actually chased the bus down and let them know they're actually supposed to stop for the kids at our bus stop," said Tanner.

"The first week of school we expect some challenges, but then by the time we hit the second week of school most of those problems are smoothed out."  Round Rock ISD spokesperson, JoyLynn Occhiuzzi, asks that parents bear with them. "If we're still having problems in the second week of school, then we do a much closer look to see what potential problems there are."

Parents are hopeful tomorrow will be different. "Hopefully all the kinks have been worked out and they can get on the bus at 7:00 in the morning and I can get to work on time," said Tanner.

By Deeda Payton

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Back To School Bus Problems In Round Rock

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