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Beagles Rescued From Lab That Tests on Animals

Updated: Sunday, July 13 2014, 05:20 PM CDT

Some lucky pups got a new lease on life Tuesday after they were released from a Texas lab known for testing on animals. 
The Beagle Freedom Project rescued seven dogs from a lab near the Texas, Mexico border this week. 

One dog was adopted out to a home near the lab but six others made their way to Central Texas. 

On Tuesday for the first time ever they got to feel grass under their paws and sniff the air as they met their foster families in Hutto.
Labs that test on animals prefer beagles because of they're docile and don't bite as much as other breeds. 

This is the first rescue the group has done in Texas. 

Beagle Freedom Project President Shannon Keith said the group is working to pass legislation that would require labs to release animals after testing instead of putting them down. 

"They've had substances poured into their eyes, into their ears and sometimes they have parts of their bodies cut open and things implanted inside them and they're tested on with anything from your laundry detergent to hand soap to the makeup you use," Keith said. 

"So it's so important to shop cruelty-free to make a choice with your consumer dollar," she said. 

There are four female dogs and two male dogs in the group that was released Tuesday. 

The dogs will be placed with foster families in the Central Texas area until they are adopted out to forever homes. 

Hutto resident Martin Palmer adopted his 3-year-old beagle named Elvis earlier this year through the program. 

"It angers when I see that stuff and when I hear about the things that he's possibly gone through," Palmer said. 

Palmer said even though it took a little bit for Elvis to adjust to live outside the lab it was worth the wait. 

"He's the most loving dog and he loves people he just loves everything we give him," he said. 

For more information about the Beagle Freedom Project visit their website here.

Beagles Rescued From Lab That Tests on Animals

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