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Bike Stolen From Special Needs Austin Child

Updated: Tuesday, July 15 2014, 06:41 PM CDT

Charlie loves playing with Legos and riding his special big blue trike. "It always didn't fall over because of three wheels," he said. 

Sarah Morningstar built the bike specifically for her son Charlie.

"He doesn't have a sense of balance like most kids because of the way he focuses and he learns he can't. He needs that three-wheel balance for it," Morningstar said. 

Within hours of moving into their new apartment someone stole the special needs bike.

"We found this broken down bike so we decided to fix it and then once it was fixed and we got down here it went missing on the first day," Charlie said.

Sarah hopes someone spots the thief on the very recognizable bike.

"To just the first day that you're here to have something that's so important to your kid just be gone is a little heart wrenching," Morningstar said. 

The bike is very unique with extra-large back wheels and an oversized basket.

"If it is still in one piece and being ridden around you can't miss it. It's not like you're going to look at it and be like I wonder, it's pretty clear that it's that bike," Morningstar said.

"Can you please give it back? You may have not known that I had it so please give it back. I hope anyone who sees this can try and find it," Charlie said.

For now Charlie and Sarah are trying not to let the thief taint the view of their new home and hope maybe the blue trike will find its way home.

If you have seen the bike you can contact APD at 512-472-8477.

(Photo from Sarah Morningstar.)

By Rachel Kent

Bike Stolen From Special Needs Austin Child

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