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Charity Promotes Skin Cancer Awareness at X Games

Updated: Thursday, June 5 2014, 10:40 AM CDT
All proceeds from the X Games kick-off bash went to The V Foundation Wednesday.

The charity will be at Circuit of the Americas to promote skin cancer awareness with face screenings.

It's an event that used to be inside in Los Angeles, but now outside in the blinding sun of Austin.

"I had two suspect moles removed on my back years ago," said Professional Skateboarder Bucky Lasek.

Lasek, being one of the most notable names in action sports, knows the importance of sun protection.

"Just goop the sunscreen on. When you spray your face don't squint, because then you get wrinkles in your face," said Lasek.

That's the message The V foundation wants to get across to spectators this weekend. A message founder Jimmy Valvano had little time to share before he died of cancer.

"At our tent we are going to be doing screenings with Canfield Sciences. We will be able to find out with this screening process whether there are spots on their skin that look like they show damage," said CEO Susan Braum.

Dermatologist Dr. Adam Mamelak with St. David's says one in five Americans will develop skin cancer.

The good news is you can prevent it, especially while watching these high flying tricks.

"Making sure you are wearing long sleeves, you're wearing a hat, sun glasses to protect yourself," said Mamelak.

Bottom line if you are going to the track, stick to the shady side and apply sunscreen every hour.

Its a few simple steps The V Foundation says can save your life, steps even athletes won't skip.

"I put sunblock on my face, the back of my calves," said Lasek.

For more information on the charity go to

The X Games runs June 5-8. For tickets go to

By Christie Post
Charity Promotes Skin Cancer Awareness at X Games

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