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Couple Made Photo Connection Decades After Taken

Updated: Sunday, August 3 2014, 12:13 PM CDT
A pair of British newlyweds made an eerie observation while going through family photos ahead of their wedding.

According to the Telegraph, Aimee Maiden, 25, and Nick Wheeler, 26, were reviewing old pictures when they came across a photograph that shows them playing on a beach as children — 11 years before they met.

The two grew up in different towns, but were both at the beach on vacation, the Telegraph reported.

Maiden and Wheeler didn’t speak to each other that day in 1994, having to wait another 11 years to fall in love while in college.

“The photo was taken by Nick’s grandad,” Maiden said. “Nick is sitting front right in the boat with his sister and two cousins and his family, his mum, uncle and nan are to the right and behind them.”

“To the left and behind his cousin I’m in the blue swimsuit with my mum, dad and sister,” she added.

The couple tied the knot on Saturday after becoming engaged last year.

(Source H/T: The Huffington Post)Couple Made Photo Connection Decades After Taken

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