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Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez Hosts President Obama Fundraiser

Updated: Thursday, July 10 2014, 05:43 PM CDT

President Obama is scheduled to arrive at the home of Austin filmmaker Robert Rodriguez late Wednesday night. He's set to mingle with a house full of celebrities, including actors Jessica Alba and Danny Trejo who starred in Rodriguez's Machete movies. The fundraiser is a sign of how Rodriguez has transitioned from film director to political insider. 

Flags line a closed Central Austin street and a few political signs litter neighbor's yards. 

"There's a mix of democrats and republicans, but I happen to be a democrat," said Jane Hayman. 

She lives directly across from Pemberton Castle, the historic home of Rodriguez. 

When asked if she would try to get a peak, Hayman responded, "Oh you bet. You bet." 

But, that's as close as it gets for the President Obama supporter. 

"Well we weren't willing to pay the $5,000 a head for the tickets," said Hayman. 

Those on the inside include actor Danny Trejo, the star of Rodriguez's Machete movies. 

Trejo and Rodriguez join a growing number of Hollywood Latinos putting their money and influence behind the president.

The Machete movies champion immigrant's rights. But, what started with movie scripts now has Rodriguez speaking out in Washington DC on issues important to Hispanics and the entertainment industry. 

But, this trip, President Obama is focused on fundraising and is opting to tour Rodriguez's home not the U.S. Mexico border. 

Tickets for the fundraiser started at $5,000 but went up to $32,400. That's the highest donation an individual is allowed to make in a calendar year.



Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez Hosts President Obama Fundraiser

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