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Google Glass Users Could Steal Passwords

Updated: Monday, July 7 2014, 10:50 AM CDT

Wearable technology is making it easier for hackers to steal your information.

University of Massachusetts cyber forensics expert Xinwen Fu has created software that can break down hand movements, from a video recording. So that means anyone with a phone, or even Google Glass, can record you putting your password in. It wouldn't even matter if there's a glare, and the person doesn't even need to see the screen.

"If we know the position of the finger then we know the position of the finger on the keyboard, the position you touch is a key so we call that touch point. We can actually match this touch point to a reference keyboard to an actual keyboard and we get your key," says Fu.

So that won't do any good unless they have your device. But, it could be dangerous if you're trying to access your bank account, or another sensitive account. The vulnerability, Fu says, is that keys are always in the same place. There are tools for randomizing the location of keys on a keyboard, and that would make something like this impossible. Those tools aren't widespread right now, but Fu hopes exposing the dangers will lead to preventive solutions.

Google Glass Users Could Steal Passwords

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