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Greg Kelley Calls Child's Testimony 'Untruthful'

Updated: Monday, July 14 2014, 06:37 PM CDT

A Williamson County judge has dropped one charge against a former Leander High School football star accused of sexually assaulting two children.

Greg Kelley was very calm and polite when answering questions from both his team and prosecutors. Kelley testified he does not recall ever being alone in the same room with either of the two alleged victims. 

One of the boys testified earlier in the trial that he was asleep in Kelley's room one time the alleged sexual abuse took place. But Kelley called the alleged victim's testimony "untruthful." Kelley maintains he only had contact with the children in the common areas when an adult was around.

"If I would go into the playroom they would all jump on me on my arms they were kind of hyper mode. I would play with them back," said Kelley.

In an interesting twist the state called a rebuttal witness who owns a gym Kelley works out at. Phillip Forbes said Kelley told him he was a sniper in the Marines. 

Kelley has never served in the military. Forbes told the jury he wouldn't believe a word Kelley said.

Tomorrow both sides will present closing arguments then the case goes to the jury for deliberations.  

They have three charges to consider. Earlier today a judge found Kelley not guilty of a fourth charge -- indecency with a child with contact -- because the child testified Kelley never touched him.

By Alex Boyer

Greg Kelley Calls Child's Testimony 'Untruthful'

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