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Gregory Kelley Sex Assault Trial Underway In WilCo

Updated: Tuesday, July 8 2014, 09:01 PM CDT

The criminal trial against a former Leander High School football player is underway in Williamson County.

Both sides laid out their case for the jury. First up was the prosecution.

"You're going to be relying on eye witnesses that were there, the victim's outcry and their credibility," said Assistant District Attorney Sunday Austin.

But it's the credibility of those witnesses -- namely the alleged victim's parents -- that the defense finds questionable.

"He was 17 and a junior in high school so adults create false accusations and children ... God bless them ... and Greg are carrying it," said defense attorney Patricia Cummings.

Gregory Kelley is accused of sexually assaulting two young boys at an in-house daycare where he was living at the time. The mother of the first alleged victim testified her son told her Kelley sexually assaulted him twice inside the daycare while the babysitter was out.

"I said how do you know how big Greg's pee pee is and he said because he made me stick it in my mouth," said the mother.

Prosecutors then played a video for the jury where the boy detailed for a child advocate exactly how Kelley allegedly molested him.

That testimony didn't seem to phase Kelley's friends and family who made up most of the audience in the courtroom. His supporters wore ribbons in the shape of a cross.

Kelley is charged with four counts of sexual assault.

(Photo from the Williamson County Sheriff's Office.)

By Alex Boyer

Gregory Kelley Sex Assault Trial Underway In WilCo

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