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Insurance Agent Charged With Sexual Assault

Updated: Friday, June 27 2014, 10:21 AM CDT
He's the man you call when you're in an accident.  Now he has a lawyer to defend him against allegations of sexual assault.  It took eight months after the alleged incident for these charges to come to light.

Jorge Bahena Junior sells insurance for a living.  Now he's accused of using the cover of his business to get a woman to a bar.  According to an arrest affidavit, Bahena told her they were meeting clients at the oasis on Lake Travis.  Bahena then said the clients weren't coming and started buying the woman margaritas.

The woman told police she drank two and doesn't remember anything afterward until she saw her sister. Police say the sister was called when Bahena claimed the victim was acting crazy.  The victim was heard screaming in the background of the phone call.

The sister told police she met Bahena in the parking lot of Christ community.  She says the victim was in a state of disarray, drooling and completely incoherent.  Her pants were on the floor, underwear partially down, and police found semen in the car.  The sister claims "she kept telling him no and this is all she could say at first."

We went to Bahena's office to get his side of the story.  He said the allegations were not true and referred us to his lawyer.  We called, but our call has not yet been returned.

Police say Bahena initially denied any sexual contact.  When asked a second time, he asked for a lawyer. 

Police say the lawyer told them "they would find Jorge's DNA in the case and that they had sexual relations." 

Police say cell phone data confirms the victim's allegations of where the two went and when.  Police say that same data does not support Bahena's version of what happened that day.  He's charged with sexual assault.  He's out on bond.

*The victim is given a pseudonym in the affidavit which is shown in the attached video.
By Melanie LoftonInsurance Agent Charged With Sexual Assault

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