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New RRPD Training After Dog Shooting

Updated: Thursday, June 5 2014, 10:35 AM CDT
We have new information about a deadly police shooting of a family dog in Round Rock.  It happened Friday in Round Rock.  Police Chief Allen Banks met with Russell and Hope Lane at their home say they have a plan to try to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Russell Lane says the Banks told him some policies followed in this incident were outdated and may be changing as a result of this shooting.   We don't have the specifics on policy changes.  The Lane's and another source however both told us police will soon begin taking preventive steps.  They will start with a video the department already has on hand.

"They were going to start that particular part of the training in the next few weeks" Russell Lane recalled the chief telling him.  "They have a gentleman coming … he's some type of trainer, to help them recognize aggressive dogs and they hope to start that program real soon" Lane continued.

As far as the Lane's they are coping the best they can. Russell says he woke up screaming the other night but says the support they're getting from people worldwide is helping.  We called Round Rock police and they told us they will be releasing more details on the investigation of this incident, and any potential changes later this week. New RRPD Training After Dog Shooting

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