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NW Austin Subdivision Must Wait For Permanent Road Fix

Updated: Thursday, June 12 2014, 07:04 PM CDT

Hunter's Chase subdivision in Northwest Austin will have to wait for permanent road repairs

"All the loose rock, I mean, lord, it's just everywhere," said Don Zachary when he showed us the street near his home.

We've showed you this sloppy mess of a street in the Hunter's Chase subdivision several times.

Zachary says, "What it does is stick to people's tires, and stick to people's feet."

Zachary first contacted us in August of 2013. Then we went back in May 2014. That's when we got David Magaña, the managing engineer for the City of Austin, to take a look at it.

He promised to "send a crew out here within the next couple of days."

The city did go back and sweep all the loose rock. But that's a temporary fix.

As of Thursday the asphalt is still loose.

We've emailed the city to get updates on permanent repairs.

We recently got a response from Magaña. He said they plan to spray an adhesive to make the asphalt stick.

He said: "A 'full width' fog seal will be applied to some of the roads in the Cahill Drive area.  The fog seal is best applied during moderate temperatures, 45 to 60 degrees, which is usually in the October to November time frame."

Which means people who live there have to wait for a permanent fix.

Zacahary says, "The City of Austin is better than this, it's a shame that the citizens have to have something like this."

By Lydia Pantazes

NW Austin Subdivision Must Wait For Permanent Road Fix

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