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Officers Detail Round Rock Dog Shooting

Updated: Thursday, July 3 2014, 05:24 PM CDT
We now know what police officers say happened the day a Rottweiler named "Bullet" was shot and killed.

It happened when officers responded to a burglar alarm at a Round Rock home.

Hope and Russell Lane say they lost a family member May 30th.  Round Rock police however say officers acted in a reasonable manner and followed protocol, using deadly force on an aggressive animal.
The Lane's say their dog was not aggressive.

According to documents obtained by KEYE TV the first officer on scene was Brent Rechtfertig.  He's a rookie hired in September 2013.  He says from the front door, he yelled statements like "Round Rock police," and "the place is surrounded" five to ten times before going inside with two other policemen.

The officers say they entered the home with Rechtfertig in front, Officer Andrew Rivera in the middle, and J.P. Keyes third.  Rivera has been with the agency 21 months.

Officer Rivera says he saw the dog stand up on the couch it was laying on in a bedroom at the end of the hall.  He says he shouted "dog" and says it growled aggressively, and quickly charged them bearing its teeth.  He says he shot his gun when the dog reached the entry of the bedroom where it had been lying down. 

Officer Keyes describes a different scenario.  In his statement Keyes said he heard Rivera shout "dog" and heard the first shot.  He says he then backed into the kitchen to allow Rivera to back up, and that's when he (Keyes) saw the dog landing in the hallway after coming down from an elevated position in the bedroom.  According to the officer this was after the first shot. 

We tried to get some clarification from Round Rock police but they told us they don't want to comment because this case may be heading to court.  Rivera also said the dog came at them quickly. At the end of his report he says the dog traveled 10 to 12 feet in three seconds while taking steady handgun fire.  You can read their accounts yourself here.

By Melanie Lofton
Officers Detail Round Rock Dog Shooting

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