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OK 1989 Time Capsule Opened

Updated: Sunday, August 17 2014, 10:06 AM CDT

Taking a trip back in time and rewinding two and a half decades, Oklahoma’s Putnam City Schools unsealed a time capsule earlier this week.

 It was put together 25 years ago and is now being opened as part of the district's centennial celebration.

While some predictions of how life would be in 2014 are what you would expect 25 years ago, others were right on point. Until this week, an old locked safe in a maintenance building was protecting those memories. 

Two boxes full of predictions and moments in time were unsealed.  Amid the artifacts, old scrap books, and school t-shirts and some pretty interesting predictions about life in 2014.

And some of the forecasts were dead on. 

“Computers and electronics and machines will take over our life,” read Steve Lindley of Putnam City Schools

“I think there will be telephone TV where you can see the person you are talking to.”

“There will be home shopping visual phones.”

“I think the price of cars and gas will go up. An F150 is now about $15,000 and gas is between 92 cents and $1 a gallon. Twenty -five years from now, the same kind of truck will be about $30,000 and gas will be about $3.”

Others partly came true.

“I think we will have solar-powered cars.”

“The cars will be all computerized and run like jets. Candy bars will cost $2 and instead of cruising to Hawaii, we will have trips to the moon.”

“It takes people back, and sometimes, you're surprised.”

Putnam City Schools plan to start a new time capsule. This one, though, will be kept sealed for 50 years.

OK 1989 Time Capsule Opened

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