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Parents Accused Of Locking Adopted Son In Garage For Years

Updated: Friday, June 27 2014, 06:40 PM CDT

Explosive insight into the life of a man locked away from the world.

"They did everything they could and just ran out of options," said defense attorney Perry Minton.

Minton is talking about his clients -- Dane and Jenifer Thyssen.  The couple is accused of keeping their 22-year-old adopted son Koystya locked in a garage apartment in Dripping Springs for six days a week.

"He was allowed out.  What they wouldn't do was just take off and let him roam around wherever and go out of the house," added Minton.

According to an arrest affidavit the "windows were all boarded up and the entry door was secured with a latch which was locked from the outside."  The Thyssens claim they did it "for the safety of their children."

"His family has structured a situation and said you stay in here and we're going to integrate you in the family some, we're going to take you to counseling," said Minton.

Counseling was reportedly the one day a week the 22-year-old was allowed to shower and leave the garage.  One neighbor who asked not to be identified is disgusted by the claims.

"Bad parents, bad, bad, bad parents.  It's terrible, it's a shame," he said.

But Minton believes the community should be more worried about what happens now that Koystya's parents are locked up.

"He will be out in the community with no one looking out for him and no one making sure he's not praying on others," added Minton.

Koystya is in jail accused of breaking into a neighbor's home after breaking out of his parent's garage.  That's how deputies learned about his situation.

The parents are charged with kidnapping.  Their bond hearing is on Friday.





Parents Accused Of Locking Adopted Son In Garage For Years

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