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Road Project Forces Residents Out Of Homes

Updated: Friday, June 13 2014, 06:17 PM CDT
There is growth, traffic frustration and serious congestion in and around Williams Drive in Georgetown.  It's a booming area and the city has a plan to relieve the congestion, but not everyone is going to like it.

Particularly the residents on a tree lined street off Williams drive.  Looking at the playscapes and gardens, it's fitting the street is named Park Lane.  If the city moves forward with a plan however, the yards, trees and mailboxes will be replaced with a four lane road.  The homes in its path will be demolished.  Meaning the people who live there have no choice but to move.

"I was not particularly pleased" admitted Les Romo.  He owns the law office at the corner where Rivery Blvd meets Williams drive.  It's exactly where the project will begin.   Rivery Blvd will continue and end at Northwest Blvd.  The goal is to ease congestion in the area and provide easier access to an area of development; or as Romo was told "this is all for the greater good."

It hasn't been great or good for the property owners affected.  One reason is the project was announced a year and a half ago.  "By making this public announcement you've destroyed my ability to sell my property" Romo said.  "You've made it extremely difficult to rent it, because the timeline is unknown" he continued.

The timeline is still unknown.  A Georgetown city official declined an interview on the project saying it's still too early in the process to comment.  Meanwhile council recently voted four-to-two to move forward in the condemnation process of the eight affected properties.

As for now the property owners must wait to see what happens.

"I have no problem with growth.  That means more opportunity etcetera but if you're one of the ones getting run over in the process it's not the nicest thing in the world" Romo said.

Homeowners I spoke to off camera said they are also worried about getting a fair appraisal.  They may have to wait a while to see those numbers.  Despite the announcement and progress votes from council, this project is slated to be funded next year.

See the plans by clicking this link.

By Melanie LoftonRoad Project Forces Residents Out Of Homes

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