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San Marcos ISD Hits The Road To Feed Hungry Students

Updated: Monday, July 14 2014, 05:48 PM CDT

If school was still in session children in San Marcos would be chowing down in their school cafeteria. But over the summer a refitted school bus will have to do to.  

From June through August, San Marcos schools' Mobile Meals bus serves more than 600 meals every day to children who have no way to get to nutritious food.  

Mike Boone, Associate Director of Child Nutrition Services at San Marcos ISD says, "A lot of times the closest school to here is four miles down the road. And if somebody in this trailer park doesn't have transportation there's no way they can get to us."

San Marcos ISD's summer lunch program brings the food to where the kids are. It can be close to home or where the kids gather, like the local public library. That's one location where lunch is served every weekday to families whose food budgets don't stretch far enough.  

Laura Woods admits her kids, " a lot and I don't always have the funds to feed them, so I really appreciate being able to come into town to do it."

The food isn't free. A federal grant pays for the program so they can feed the kids without being a burden on the local district.  

Boone says, "We receive $3 for every meal that we serve so it's a break even. The more meals we serve the better financially we are." 

So they're encouraging more school kids to participate.

San Marcos ISD's Mobile Meals program is free to children under 18.  Adults can get a meal for just three dollars.

By Fred Cantu

San Marcos ISD Hits The Road To Feed Hungry Students

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