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Singer Sara Hickman Talks Of Past Suicide Attempt

Updated: Friday, August 22 2014, 05:10 PM CDT

When comic actor Robin Williams committed suicide recently, local singer-songwriter Sarah Hickman jumped to his defense and in the process outed herself.  It turns out Hickman once had a bout with depression so severe that she attempted to take her own life.

Hickman's new CD, "Shine" features a song called, "You Are Not alone."  The song carries added meaning when you think about Williams' death.  Hickman says, "When I heard that he had committed suicide my first reaction was shock and then my second reaction was, 'I don't want him to be alone.'"

Hickman can speak to depression and suicide personally.  At the height of her popularity and during a busy South by Southwest Music Festival weekend she attempted to kill herself.  She says at a small concert she suddenly began to feel like "such a loser" and started weeping.  She left and went to a hotel where she attempted to take her life adding, "Fortunately my husband and my best friend figured out what was going on and that's pretty much all I remember."

Hickman later found out a chemical imbalance caused by a dying thyroid had pushed her into a downward spiral.  She says, "That spiral starts happening where all these friends and family members who love you who would normally support you... you kind of phase them out and you end up at the bottom of this well being crushed by your depression so that you don't reach out."

Hickman says it took medical treatment and rehab to get her back on track.  And she's thankful for those who stood by her.  She says the best thing you can really do for someone who appears depressed is tell them you've noticed they seem sad and ask them if they need to talk about it.  And then just listen. Just let that person pour out their heart, and then keep coming back."

And Hickman says always remember-- You are not alone.

Hickman is honorary chair of the Austin NAMI Walks 2014 benefiting the local chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  The walk is September 27th. Click here for details.

By Fred Cantu

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Singer Sara Hickman Talks Of Past Suicide Attempt

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