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Taylor Grants $200K To Local Pizza Restaurant

Updated: Monday, August 18 2014, 10:41 PM CDT

In a move to stimulate more business and economic growth in the area, Taylor councilmembers recently agreed to fork over $200,000 to a Gatti's pizza restaurant that will soon be relocated and transformed into a Gattiland off Hwy 95. 

Interim City Manager Jeff Straub said the move to enter into the Chapter 380 agreement with the owners of Gatti's came after the business showed interest in expanding. 

Straub also said earlier this year it was clear Taylor needed more options for entertainment for younger residents. 

A survey done by Texas A&M's Engineering Extension Service also revealed the need. 

The survey stated that 18 percent of people surveyed said restaurants were missing in the community and 14 percent said entertainment options were missing.  More shopping options topped the list for 26 percent of the people surveyed. 

Click here to view the full survey.

But in the same survey when residents were asked about deficiencies in Taylor results show that 36 percent of them said roads needed to be improved.

Taylor resident Mary Langley said she agreed with people surveyed in that aspect of the issue. 

"Why should Taylor do this? And it seems to me that there's a lot of other things that need to be done, like the streets and everything else, so it doesn't seem like the city of Taylor should be doing this," she said. 

The owner of Gatti's, Ann Glenn, said the move to give the money to them is one that will pay off in the long run for residents. 

"There's nowhere here in town to have a birthday party, and there's nowhere to have a big group meeting," she said. 

Glenn said the project will also mean hiring more employees at the new location in Taylor. 

"Taylor is a little different than Austin. You know the people and they're invested here. I mean this is our life, so it's gonna make it because we're gonna make it," Glenn said. 

Construction on the project will start next month with a completion date set for next year.  

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Taylor Grants $200K To Local Pizza Restaurant

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