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Teachers Crowdsourcing To Fund Classrooms

Updated: Friday, August 29 2014, 08:19 PM CDT

Most parents know starting the school year can take a village. It becomes a group effort from students, gathering supplies, and now social media is helping teachers pay for classroom needs.

Wendy Wells is a mother of three children at an elementary school in the Austin Independent School District. She said she paid more than $300 on school supplies this year to get her children prepared to start school.

Wells said she is fortunate that her family can afford to spend that kind of money on supplies. Wells said she said she knows other families can't afford to do so, and when that happens she said teachers usually step in and help pay. 

"Teaching is hard enough, and then not have the materials you need to do that it is really hard and not fair," wells said.

A number of Central Texas teachers are posting donation requests on public sites like

One Teacher who posted that she lives in Austin used to help support her second-grade students. Her Web site had the goal of raising $400, and it appeared that 16 people in 18 days helped the teacher reach her goal.

According to the Texas State Teachers Association, teachers spend on average about $700 a year out of their own pockets on school supplies. Also, 40 percent of teachers work two jobs during the school year to make ends meet.

Ken Zarifis is the President of Education Austin, and he said he applauds teachers for getting creative, but it is a shame they do not have a bigger budgets to meet their classroom needs.

"Whoever thought that teachers would have to be entrepreneurial, never would you imagine that would have to happen," Zarifis said. "If a teacher has to get a second job to make ends meet that makes an impact throughout the system, because it's about time, time to prepare time to get ready for the classroom."

Teachers are going to great lengths to fill their classrooms, because they know their students' education depends on it.

For links to help donate:

By Cassie Gallo

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Teachers Crowdsourcing To Fund Classrooms

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