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Texas Democrats: 'Perry Playing Politics'

Updated: Tuesday, August 19 2014, 07:28 PM CDT

Texas Governor Rick Perry is speaking once again after his indictment Friday, but so are Texas Democrats.  As you can imagine, emotions are running high and so are their passionate arguments.

"It's politically motivated we all know that.  At the end of the day this will not stand," said Gov. Perry talking to Sean Hannity on his radio show Monday afternoon. 

The governor called his indictment politically motivated and unconscionable. "We're defending a lawful action as my executive authority as the governor," he said.  

Gov. Perry's high profile legal team introduced this afternoon couldn't agree more

"It is inappropriate and dangerous for this to be a criminal issue," said lawyer Bobby Burchfield.

Democrats disagree.  "This is a bully who broke the rules," charged Will Hailer.  He is the executive director of the Texas Democratic Party.  He contends what Perry did was a political move. "It is not about the fact that a governor has veto authority, it is about the threat and the abuse and the coercion that happened because of it," he said.  "The reason why he was trying to do it was she was digging too deep into the CPRIT fund."

Both sides argue the other is playing politics

"There's a continuity of the philosophy that if you can't beat them at the ballot box if you can't beat them in the court of public opinion, indict them" Perry said.

"If he was so concerned about the DA's performance, why did he let two other DAs stay on in Texas without calling for their resignation? It was because they're republicans," Hailer exclaimed.

No matter how you feel about this issue the governor has been indicted and a criminal trial is moving forward.  That's expected to begin Friday at 9 a.m. for a pre-trial hearing.  Perry is not likely to attend.

By Melanie Lofton

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Texas Democrats: 'Perry Playing Politics'

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