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TxDOT Announces New 24hr Billing System

Updated: Friday, June 27 2014, 06:30 PM CDT

The Texas Department of Transportation is rolling out a new system to take its tolls.

Starting July 9 customers will have access to 24 hour billing, alerts via text message, chat live support, auto pay and all account charges on one bill.

But there could be some sticker shock.

TxDOT has hired Xerox to streamline the toll billing operations for $100 Million. The funding will come out of the general budget.

Spokesperson Veronica Beyer says the changeover took so long because of existing contracts with other vendors.

She says the new and improved system will be easier and faster.  

"With the old system if you were late paying your account, you would have to call or come in person to take of that. Now that is removed, 24 hour access. If you are late paying you will be assessed a fee, but now you can do it online," said Beyer, "We listened to our customers, they told us what they wanted. So the new benefits that we are rolling out is exactly what they asked for."

During the transition TxDOT will temporarily close the billing operations from July 4-8.

You will still be charged when you go through a toll, but late fees will not apply.

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By Christie Post

TxDOT Announces New 24hr Billing System

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