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Warrants issued for two UT football players

Warrants issued for two UT football players

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TxDOT Wants Bosses To Lead End To Texting While Driving

Updated: Wednesday, June 18 2014, 04:35 AM CDT

TxDOT is trying a new approach to get us to put down our phones while driving.  They're going to get our bosses to force us.

Businesses love to celebrate improved productivity.  But today TxDOT gathered business leaders and law enforcement to spread the word that the one place you shouldn't multitask is behind the wheel.

Our own Traffic Anchor Erica Brennes moderated one session where business leaders talked about urging their own workers to ignore their phones when driving. Erica says, "They also encouraged employers to not call if you know your employee is behind the wheel. Wait until they can check in."

And if you're worried about losing productivity by focusing solely on your driving, psychologists from the University of Texas say it was never really there. Dr. Bob Duke says, "We’re much more confident about our ability to concentrate on multiple things than we ever should be." And Dr. Art Markman chimes in, "That's partly because the areas of your brain that you use to figure out how well you’re doing when you’re multitasking are the ones that are soaked up by the multitasking process itself.”

Today these experts suggested businesses go beyond banning texting while driving and ban all cell phone use behind the wheel.  And they stress it's important that management lead by example.  Attorney Todd Clement, a corporate liability expert explains, "If you’re a company that bans cell phone use you have to practice it from top to bottom. The boss has to buy in as well as the lowest level employee." He adds, "They’re watching you at all times and they’re going to find out if you’re serious or it’s just a paper policy.”

TxDOT is hoping that once you put down the phone while driving for work, you'll start doing it all the time.  Afterall, it was employers who first ordered the workers to wear seatbelts on the job.  And look where we are today.

To learn about KEYE TV's efforts to keep you safe from distracted driving, check out the No Text Zone at

By Fred Cantu

TxDOT Wants Bosses To Lead End To Texting While Driving

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