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UPS Responds To Slashing Of 2 Dogs

Updated: Tuesday, June 17 2014, 01:05 PM CDT

A response late Monday afternoon from UPS about the Austin delivery man who reportedly slashed two dogs with a box cutter on Friday. 

"Drivers are trained to, whenever possible, go back to their vehicle with a package when they feel their safety is threatened, return the package to the local center and contact the customer to pick up their package. Of course, it is not always possible to do that.  We very much appreciate it when customers with aggressive dogs keep them under control when we are trying to serve them." 

In this case, we apologize for the outcome of the encounter between our driver and our customer's dog. We do not condone the carrying of knives or any other defensive device. This situation is currently being investigated. We will speak with our driver and the customer and take appropriate action once all the facts are known."

Dan McMackin, UPS PR 

On Tuesday, the owner of the dogs told KEYE TV's Bettie Cross that she thinks the UPS delivery man should be fired. 

"This is where the pool of blood started. We cleaned it up because I did not want my son to see it," said Laura Crowell. 

The long driveway that leads to Crowell's Lakeway house is stained with evidence of the ordeal. 

"The droplets went all the way up," said Crowell. "It's just excessive brutality is what it is." 

Crowell says the blood came when a delivery man used a box cutter to slash the faces of two of her dogs. 

"But, I can't imagine just a dog barking scaring a delivery guy that bad that he would using deadly force. I mean a box cutter. Mace would have sufficed," said Crowell. 

Sampson suffered the worst injuries. 

"So here to this side is cut and then from the top of his nose down to here," said Crowell.

Shamis has two deep gashes. 

"He barely missed his eye right there and he's got staples here because it was just a big hole," said Crowell. 

This Lakeway mother can't sleep at night wondering what led to the violence.

"I wasn't here. I don't know what happened," said Crowell.

This doggie door opens up lots of possibilities. 

"He got here, rang the doorbell and all of a sudden the dogs came out," suggested reporter Bettie Cross.  "It could have been," said Crowell. 

She says her six-year-old dogs are big barkers but, they've never attacked or bitten anyone.

"If you're scared, mace. I have mace. I get scared I'm going to mace you," said Crowell. 

She says the UPS driver made the worst possible choice. Crowell thinks all he needed to do was leave the package at the bottom of the driveway where, if he was scared, he would have been protected by an invisible fence. 

"My main goal is for him to lose his job, immediately," said Crowell. 

In addition to the internal investigation by UPS, the Travis County Sheriff's Office is also planning to send a detective to investigate on Wednesday.

By Bettie Cross

UPS Responds To Slashing Of 2 Dogs

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