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UT Police Investigate Officer Who Had Gun Stolen

Updated: Monday, July 7 2014, 03:33 PM CDT

An unnamed University of Texas police officer is facing an internal investigation after someone used his gun in a shooting that killed a 17-year-old last month.  

UT Police say one of their officers reported his personal car was broken into and his gun taken. Former police officer Robert Greene, now a Concealed Handgun License instructor, is not surprised. 

He says, "If anybody wants a firearm and they don't have a problem breaking into someone's vehicle they know they can go to a police officer's vehicle and probably find something."

UT Police policy allows officers to leave weapons in their cars as long as they are secure. Green suggests officers do more than just make sure the truck is locked, "Inside a vehicle I always recommend keeping it inside another container that's pretty secure and secured to the vehicle."

We reached out to UT Police to learn more about how their officers keep their weapons safe from theft. They declined an interview and instead pointed us to the weapons safety policies posted on their web site.

At McBride's Guns we found many of the methods UT suggests for putting guns away safely from trigger locks and cable locks that keep handguns from firing to lock boxes and gun safes.  

This refresher comes too late for one UT police officer, but reminds all officers what can happen when they bring their work tools home with them.

UT police say the unidentified police officer is still on duty and being treated as a crime victim while they complete their investigation into the stolen gun.

By Fred Cantu

UT Police Investigate Officer Who Had Gun Stolen

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