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UT Students Shocked Over Student Terrorism Arrest

Updated: Wednesday, June 18 2014, 05:40 PM CDT

Some University of Texas students say they're shocked a fellow student was arrested Wednesday for allegedly providing material support to terrorists.

Khalid Ltuwayjiri, a visiting student from the Middle East, has been a student at UT for nearly two years.

Khalid was horrified to hear UT student Rahatul Khan was arrested on charges of supporting terroristic activity.

"If you heard about it you'd be scared," Khalid said.

In court documents Khan is accused of supporting terrorist activity since 2011. The indictment says Khan was recruiting terrorists through an internet chat room.

"Complete surprise. I didn't have any idea. I wouldn't have any idea that someone in Austin would participate in that," UT student Tarek Benchauia said.

Khalid says he worries about backlash from the arrests.

"This is a problem and if any person, Muslim in the world, does something it will affect us," Khalid said.

Khalid hopes people realize it is Khan that's responsible for the terroristic threats and not the Muslim faith.

"It depends on the person and it doesn't, like, show their religion," Khalid said.

By Rachel Kent

UT Students Shocked Over Student Terrorism Arrest

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