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Wizard Of Oz Comparisons To Tornado Touchdown In Burnet Co.

Updated: Monday, June 16 2014, 01:01 PM CDT

At first glance, a Burnet County house just looks like it got the roof ripped off. But, from another angle, you can see the two-story home is now sitting a football field away from its foundation. 

"You could tell the house was being picked up and moved," said Stacie Ashworth whose husband built the home. 

She was inside the four bedroom house on Thursday night, with her husband and two children, when it was lifted off the foundation and carried across a pasture. 

"We were just praying for God's protection," said Ashworth.  

The fact the house isn't just a pile of rubble is amazing to the Ashworth family. 

"It took the house and totally relocated it for us," said Stacie Ashworth. 

It also surprised Jon Zeitler with the National Weather Service (NWS). 

"They literally flew, like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, 100 yards in this house,"
 said Zeitler. 

The Ashworths had a steel beam framework under the house which held it together while it was being airlifted by the tornado. 

"In the 25 years I've been doing meteorology I've never seen a home that intact after it was carried over 100 yards, or a football field, and it's all because of the construction the home owner used," said Zeitler.           

Steel beams, better wood and more nails have the NMS upgrading the tornado's power rating. 

"Because of the strength of this house, we're going to rate it an EF 2 that means it had winds from 111 miles per hour to 130," said Zeitler. 

Zeitler says it's not often a house is tougher than the tornado trying to rip it apart.

The Ashworths suffered cuts and scratches, but were not seriously injured.

By Bettie Cross

Wizard Of Oz Comparisons To Tornado Touchdown In Burnet Co.

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