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Houston Waiter Gets $5,000 Tip

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT
A Houston waiter got quite a shock this weekend when his customers left him a whopping $5,000 tip.

Greg Rubar has worked as a waiter at D'Amico's in Rice Village for 16 years. And in that time, he's gotten a lot of large tips for his service.

But on Saturday, he said a pair of regulars gave him the biggest gift of all.

"He just said, 'Here. We're still going to come in, but we're not going to tip you for a while. This is for you. This is enough money for you to go and buy a nice car.'" 

The married couple, who asked us not to use their names, knows that Rubar lost his car in a severe storm several weeks ago and had been taking cabs and buses in order to get to work.

So, after finishing their $27 lunch of soup and wine over the weekend, the couple handed the married father of three an envelope containing $5,000 in cash.

"It's a little shocking to hear that. I thought, yeah, maybe 500, but 5,000 is quite a generous tip."

The amount of money even surprised Rubar's boss, but she says she can't imagine a more deserving person.

"He's an incredibly hard worker. He would work every shift if we would let him," Brina D'Amico Donaldson said. 

As for Rubar, he says he still can't believe that two of his customers went out of their way to help him.

"People can be generous. They told me they felt like I deserved it. It's overwhelming to me," he said.

Rubar says he does plan to use that tip to buy himself a car.
Houston Waiter Gets $5,000 Tip

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