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Burning Snake Catches 2 Texas Homes On Fire

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT

An attempt to burn a snake ended up being much more costly for a Bowie County, Texas family.

The snake, after being lit on fire, cause family structures to go up in flames.

911 operator: "What does it have to do with a snake?"
Caller: "We were trying to kill a snake with fire."

A 911 call from a woman who thought she only had a grass fire but before the call was over.

Caller: "It done caught the house. The house is on fire could you hurry up please."

When emergency crews arrive at the scene, they found two houses burning.

"The homeowner did tell us while cleaning up she saw a snake, threw gasoline on the snake and the snake went into the brush pile," Deputy Randal Baggett, Bowie County Sheriff's Department, said.

The two houses were vacant and the homeowner was in the process of getting one of the structures ready for remodeling. The homes were located in the Liberty-Eylau area near Texarkana.

Liberty-Eylau Fire Chief David Wesslehoft said they are still investigating the fire but says it is not unusual for a burning animal to spread a fire.

"Yes it could happen with rabbits and big field mice," he said. "Once they start burning the grass, they get out of their hole, they have been known to catch on fire and take off."

But the chief says this is a first for him -- a fire allegedly started by a burning snake.

Burning Snake Catches 2 Texas Homes On Fire

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