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Cleaning Museum Owner Sparkles With Pride

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT
While some of us are only just now starting to think about spring cleaning, one man we know never stops cleaning no matter the season.

CBS’s Steve Hartman found him in Pocatello, Idaho.

It is hard to believe there are 17,000 museums in America and until now, no one ever thought to build this the most important one.

"There are plane museums, train museums, hammer museums, cotton museums… What is the most important word in the world besides faith? Clean,” says Don Aslett.

Don Aslett built, paid for, and now vacuums the world's first museum dedicated to the history and promotion of cleaning. It's an acre of old brooms, dustpans, everything under the suds. And surprisingly, unlike many of the exhibits, this museum doesn't suck wind.

"One of the most unique ones is the guy sit in the chair,” says Aslett as he describes vacuume chair.

“There's a vacuum underneath him and he went back and forth like this and the woman vacuumed."

Unfortunately, others are less amused.

Don tells kids, "This is a cleaning museum. Everybody really loves to clean, right? “The question is followed by silence. Maybe a homework museum would go over better.

Don says the kids are a, “Hard sell. Hard sell."

So why bother? For Don it's a mission that began almost 60 years ago. In college, he started Varsity house cleaning. It was a single truck business that eventually grew into 250-million-dollar-a-year company.

Along the way, he says he learned something about people; that cleanliness carries over into all aspects of your life. According to Don, "How you clean will be how you live."
He has a point.
One kid told him, “I’m not really the cleaning type; I'm more of the lazy type."

But Don says if you just show kids how rewarding and fun cleaning can be -all that negativity will come out in the wash. In fact, he's bet $6 million dollars on it.

When it comes to money, Don says, “What good does it do sitting in a bank? Whose life is it changing sitting in a thing?"

Fortunately for Don it's actually working. At least judging from the class I invited to his museum. I mean, they got swept up in it.

One young guest said, "It makes me think that cleaning is really fun!” A lot of the kids told me they now like cleaning.

Now if we can just get a truth museum.Cleaning Museum Owner Sparkles With Pride

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