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Doctors remove 60 pound tumor

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT
A shocking discovery was made by an Odessa doctor after an operation.

Three weeks ago in an operating room inside the Basin Healthcare Facility, an Odessa woman went in for a surgery to remove a tumor. Doctors had no idea what they would find.

It turned out that the tumor they removed weighed in at sixty pounds. That is roughly the size of an average eight-year-old boy.

The woman carrying the tumor weighs 396 pounds and only thought she was getting bigger. She had no clue the tumor was growing inside of her. A cat-scan uncovered the tumor after the woman came into the doctor’s office complaining of abdominal and stomach pain.

Doctors say the tumor is not cancerous and the patient is recovering well.Doctors remove 60 pound tumor

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