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Doctors Remove Magnets From Child's Intestines

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT
(CNN) A three-year-old girl from Oregon is recovering after swallowing 37 high-powered rare earth Buckyball magnets.

At first, Payton Bushnell’s parents didn’t know why their daughter was so sick with just the stomach flu. But after her symptoms didn’t improve, they rushed her to the doctor who found an obstruction when X-rays of her stomach were taken.

Doctors at Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel immediately took Payton into surgery and were able to save her in time.

Payton’s mother, Kelli, said, “The surgeon came out and said, ‘I wouldn’t do this unless I absolutely had to, but we have to cut your daughter open.’”

Dozens of high-powered magnets found inside of her. Doctors say the magnets snapped her intestines together and ripped three holes in her lower intestine and one in her stomach.

Her parents hope to warn other parents about the dangers that magnets pose to children, saying, "(If we) had any idea what they could have done to her intestines, her... we would have never had them in our house."

Payton is on the road to a full-recovery. Doctors Remove Magnets From Child's Intestines

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