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Giant Turtles Shelling Out For Divorce

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT

After 115 years together, “Til death do us part” appears to be too long for this couple!

The world’s oldest animal marriage had a falling out when two giant turtles at an Austrian zoo called it quits.

Bibi and Poldi refused to share their cage anymore, and according to the zoo’s boss, Helga Happ, “they can’t stand the sight of each other anymore.”

Zoo staff realized the tension between the two after Bibi, the female, attacked Poldi repeatedly until he was moved to another enclosure.  It was so bad Bibi bit off a chunk of Poldi’s shell.

Zoo keepers even tried couples counseling.

They brought in animal experts who gave them food that was supposed to improve their mood.  The counselors even tried to get them to play games together but it didn't work.

"We were told that it's very rare that after so many years animals who are a pair will fall apart, but that's where we are. We hope though we can bring round reconciliation," Happ said.

Both turtles are 115 years old. They grew up together eventually becoming a pair.

It just seems Bibi wanted to have the cage to herself and live the single life.
Giant Turtles Shelling Out For Divorce

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