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Gorilla Baby Born Through C-section

Updated: Friday, March 14 2014, 12:35 PM CDT

C-section are pretty common in the human world but not with apes.

Wednesday human neonatal specialists from the University of California San Diego Medical Center and the veterinary staff at the San Diego Zoo performed a rare emergency C-section on one of the animals.

18-year-old gorilla Imani started her labor Wednesday morning. Because vets couldn’t see any progression by the evening, they decided to bring her to the veterinary hospital and perform a Caesarian-section.

"In retrospect the C-section was the right decision," said the park’s Associate Director of Veterinary Services Nadine Lamberski in a release.

The gorilla baby is a girl and weighed just over 4 ½ pounds. She had some complications with the difficult birth and is now held in intensive care in the veterinary hospital, receiving oxygen and fluids.

The newborn is Imani’s first baby and the 17th gorilla born in the safari park.

Gorilla Baby Born Through C-section

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