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Great Video: Deer Crashes Into Office Building Window

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 09:47 PM CDT
This gives a new meaning to the term lunch break -- when a deer crashed into a Jackson, Miss. office building. 

"The last thing you expect to do, is come to work and find a large deer standing behind your desk."

The deer crashed through this double paned window and found his way to the break room where employees locked him in. 

The 80-pound deer was clearly not happy with the room layout.  He knocked over tables and chairs and even tried to leap on top of cabinets to escape.

Employees stayed at bay until animal control arrived.  After a few minutes of planning, an animal control officer went in. He eventually came out with the bloody and tired deer.

As animal control led the deer to freedom outside, inside employees examined the damage left behind.

"He trashed it. We definitely need a paint job and a carpet cleaner," Richard Lingle, who helped catch the deer, said.

Workers say they may never know why the deer decided to crash into their workplace.

"The deer could have been chased by something and ran through the glass - or he could have seen himself and wanted to fight, I mean you don't know," Lingle said.

Animal control officials say the deer had a few cuts from his run in with this window.  But they expect him to make a full recovery back out in the woods. Great Video: Deer Crashes Into Office Building Window

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