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Haunted Police Station In Richmond, Texas

Updated: Tuesday, October 29 2013, 01:53 PM CDT

There's an old police station in Richmond, Texas that claims to be haunted.

"There are some officers who would rather not go upstairs by themselves at night," said Master Sgt. Lowell Neinast.

Christina Carr, Dispatcher Richmond Police Department, said that people talked about hearing sounds like kids running upstairs and there was no one upstairs.

The Richmond Police Station was built in 1897. It used to be the county jail. Now people pay $20 for a ghost tour.

Those who go on the tour are looking for a little extra excitement.

"Just to know the feeling like I want to be scared in real life," said Amber Thorton.

One tour guide has been working for 12 years and said the tour at the jail is pretty hands on. At one point during the tour they let people stand inside one of the old jail cells to feel what it was like to be incarcerated. When the jail was in operation the sheriff and his family lived on the first floor. Inmates occupied the other floors.

Dispatcher Carr has witnessed plenty while working overnights for the last five years even hearing voices over the intercom say, 'get out!'

"You'll see people walk back and forth, it looks like shadows, black shadows that'll walk back and forth sometimes in the lobby and there's no one here in the building," said Carr.

The tour guide said at one time a medium paid a visit to the jail to see what she could find out. She said when she went into the basement she could see someone shackled to the wall and being beaten.

Officials said that is exactly when used to happen in the basement.

The jail tour is part of "Haunts of Richmond."

They do haunted tours May through October.

Haunted Police Station In Richmond, Texas

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