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Men, Lower Incomes Spend More On Lunch

Updated: Wednesday, September 25 2013, 12:01 PM CDT

Men spend a lot more on lunch than women.

That's just one of the surprising results of a new survey by Visa.

On average, Americas go out to lunch twice and week and spend $10. Men both outspent women at the lunch counter and were also more likely to eat lunch out.  They outspend women on a weekly basis by 44 percent.  Of those that eat lunch out, women spend an average of just under $15 per week and men spend about $21.

Some of us are big spenders.  One percent of people spend more than $50 per lunch or close to $5,000 a year.  On the other end of spectrum, 30 percent of those surveyed said that they didn’t buy lunch out at all.

But people who said they make less than $25,000 per year spent more per meal, at $11.70, than those in any other income bracket. 

And lunch decisions vary by region.

•         Southerners lead the regions of the country in spending per week.  The average Southerner eats out twice per week, spending $10 each time for an average of $20 per week.

•         Westerners mirrored the national average spending $10 per lunch 1.8 times a week for an average of $18 per week on lunch.

•         Midwesterners went out for lunch 1.7 times a week and spent only $8.90 per meal.  They averaged $15.13 per week

•         Northeasterners ate their lunches out the least often but splurged the most when they did.  In the Northeast respondents only ate out 1.5 times a week but spent 14% more per meal than the national average at $11.40 for a weekly total of $17.10.

Men, Lower Incomes Spend More On Lunch

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