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Shark Bite Victim Stiches Up His Own Wounds

Updated: Tuesday, January 28 2014, 11:22 AM CST

It's an amazing feat to be attacked by a shark, and survive, but a New Zealand doctor not only survived, he stitched up his own wounds.

24 year old Dr. James Grant was spearfishing in Southern New Zealand over the weekend when he says he felt something tugging on his leg.

"I thought it might have been one of my dive buddies. Turned around. I saw a big silver face looking at me and a big body trailing off behind," says Dr. Grant

Dr. Grant was able to fend off the shark with a knife, until it let go of his leg. Then he made it back to shore and started stitching up his wounds.

"I think I must have been pretty adrenalized because I couldn't really feel it at the time," Dr. Grant said.

Dr. Grant didn't go directly to a hospital though, but, he went to a local tavern instead, to get a beer with friends. One of the employees there brought out a big first-aid kit and gave the doctor a bandage. Then Dr. Grant went to the hospital where the stitches were finished off, and he was back to work on Monday.

Shark Bite Victim Stiches Up His Own Wounds

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