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West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus

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17 Cases Of West Nile Virus Reported In Travis County

Updated: Friday, September 7 2012, 12:41 PM CDT

Travis County health officials say they’ve confirmed 17 cases of West Nile virus.

That number is according to the Medical Director for Austin/Travis County.

On Monday officials with Dallas County Health and Human Services said a person living in north Dallas died from a severe form of West Nile disease. As of the most recent count, 190 human cases of the virus have been confirmed in Dallas County.

One death was confirmed in Travis County two weeks ago. In Williamson County, at least two human cases of West Nile are under investigation this year. Previously only five cases had been reported since 2002.

Health officials say those over 50 leading an active lifestyle outdoors are most at risk, but anyone going outside is susceptible, and personal precaution is key, even if mosquito hotspots on one’s property or in the community have been treated. Health officials say every time you go outside, you should use repellents with DEET, or as an alternative, use picaridan or oil of lemon eucalyptus or IR-3535. If you want to treat your clothing, you can do so with permethrin, which will kill mosquitoes on contact.

For your yard or patio, officials also recommend eliminating standing water, using screens on windows and doors, and using air conditioning or a fan if available.

Online: Austin/Travis Co. Health and Human Service, Cases Of West Nile Virus Reported In Travis County

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