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River Flooding along the Blanco and San Marcos Rivers/Flash Flood Watch

Sunday May 24th, 2015


Heavy rains have moved out of Central Texas.  Sunday was mainly mostly cloudy and mild. Highs ranged from the upper 70s to lower 80s.  Flood Warnings continue along the Blanco and San Marcos rivers.  Sunday night, only isolated showers/storms will be possible through early Monday morning.

Another storm system approaches overnight and another round of strong to severe storms is likely for Monday.  This time I am expecting the heaviest of rains around midday to the afternoon time frame.  Flash flooding is again a likely bet, which is very bad news for Central Texas.  Rainfalls totals of 1-2” on average with locally higher amounts of 3-5”+ are expected.  Remember, Turn Around. Don’t Drown.


The week ahead will have rain chances each of the 7 days, with rain chances increasing for the latter half of the week going into the weekend.  Heavy rain again is possible for the Thursday through Saturday period. 


The Blanco River rose to historic levels - more than 40 feet - in Wimberley and points downstream after between 9-10" of rain fell in Blanco, streamed into the Blanco River and pushed downstream.  Flooding continued down the Blanco River to San Marcos and down the Blanco and San Marcos River to Martindale and on towards Luling.


Lake Travis rose to 47% and continue to rise Sunday.  Lake Travis jumped to 52% full with Lake Buchanan at 40% full.  Amazing recovery - highest at Lake Travis since Memorial Day 2012.


If you need a reminder to Turn Around Don't Drown - just look back at history.  Central Texas is known as "Flash Flood Alley."  On May 24th, 1981, 13 people lost their lives.  Floodwaters rose out of Shoal Creek and caused significant damage to homes and business and caught a lot of people off guard.  Here's a photo gallery from the storm:

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