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Professional Advice - CRT Flooring

Professional Advice - CRT Flooring - Hard Surface Flooring

Hard Surface Flooring

Hard surface flooring has long been valued for its beauty and durability. In fact, tile and stone are probably the oldest forms of color covering known to man.  Ancient materials similar to modern tile and stone have been found on the bank of Egypt's Nile River.

Today's hard surface floors-hardwood, laminate, and tile of ceramic, porcelain and stone-offer that same beauty and reliability plus much more. Fashionable finishes, extraordinary styling, high-tech construction-all combine to make floors that are nothing short of breathtaking.

Decorating with Hard Surface

Nothing says welcome like a hardwood floor. Glowing and timeless, it can last for generations. Hardwood is valued for its beauty and durability, is easy to maintain, and is a rarity among flooring materials in that in most cases, it can be refinished. Although solid hardwood can go most anywhere in the home, it needs to be placed in rooms at ground level or above. An engineered floor can go virtually anywhere; however, it is not recommended that any hardwood be installed in bathrooms or rooms where high moisture levels are expected.


In hardwood design, we've gone way beyond smooth, narrow strips of oak. Attractive as this look is, there's a lot more out there now. The newest trends in wood are handsome wider-width planks, and distressed and hand scraped surfaces, and domestic species like maple and hickory. You might even consider mixing woods, a design choice that's growing in popularity.

Its almost unbelievable how authentic today's laminates appear-but believe it! There's a fantastic selection, from stunning exotic and domestic wood looks to stained concrete and travertine looks wider, groutless planks. You'll notice different laminate finishes too.  One is a glossy surface that's very high-end; other surfaces are hand-sculpted or distressed; and many employ CRT Flooring Concepts's Touchable Texture, an embossed-in-register technology that follows and highlights that grain with results so realistic, you'll be amazed. Beveled edges add pleasing authenticity to laminate planks, and CRT Flooring Concepts's new Luminiere finish creates a strikingly upscale floor.


In addition to being practical and pretty, laminates are easily installed. In fact, CRT Flooring Concepts's unique LocNPlace locking profile is literally a snap to put down. Nothing else installs so quickly and simply.
Tile is increasingly taking central position in the time. Its time to take it out of the kitchen and bath-go ahead and out it in the living room with a dynamite rug, or in a Mediterranean-inspired bedroom. Stunning!

Tile & Stone

For the hot tile market CRT Flooring Concepts is constantly developing new looks and finishes and adding new products. As you shop, here are some basics to keep in mind:

Tile of either ceramic or porcelain is a mixture of clays that have been shaped and fired at high temperatures. In unglazed tile, the color runs throughout the body. On glazed tiles, a glass wear layer is fused to the surface with tremendous heat. Porcelain tile, though it has a delicate beauty, is extremely dense and strong, providing a tight bond against moisture, frost, wear and breakage. For these reasons, it usually commands a higher price than ceramic tile.

Natural stone tile, such as travertine, marble, slate, quartzite and granite, is a natural quarried product. Many ceramic tiles mimic the look of stone quite beautifully.

Trim and accent pieces are the jewelry of tile collections and the means by which your imagination can run riot. Glass, metallic, tumbled stone, decorative rust detail, raised listello many intriguing detail pieces that enhance your design and make it unique. Sizes and shapes are varied-tiny for mosaic designs, mid-sized for spectacular wall and floor borders, and larger for unique configurations that go all over. Walls. Floors. Inside. Outside. Anywhere you want.

As more environmentally sound practices are developed, tile isn't left out of the picture. CRT Flooring Concepts has products with 40% post-industrial recycled content. Both tile and stone can last a lifetime, which is a distinct environmental plus.

Chic and eco-friendly- a powerful combination.

Environmentally Friendly Hard Surface

CRT Flooring Concepts's environmental initiatives are numerous and progressive. The manufacturer developed the first 8 solid hardwood plank made 100% from recycled mill by-products. And the revolutionary EPIC collection is ecologically advanced in two ways:

Besides being a beautiful product with great visual character, Epic hardwood has an unprecedented environmental story. Made with EnviroCore, a high-density inner core constructed form recycled wood fibers, Epic hardwood flooring uses 50% fewer trees.  Simply said, for every 2 trees used to make conventional engineered flooring, it only takes 1 tee to make the same amount of Epic. As a result, Epic is the first Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified hardwood flooring product. Furthermore, all CRT Flooring Concepts hardwoods meet GREENGUARD indoor air quality requirements and are GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified.

Epic is not only an eco-friendly product, its beautiful AND it performs.  Epic is strong and substantially more impact resistant than other engineered and solid wood flooring.  Its tougher -- Epic with ScufResist Platinum resists water and scuffing up to 6 times better than competitive products.  Its stable -- Epic wont expand or contract as much as other wood flooring as season change. Its denser -- because of the EnviroCore, your floor should be more dent resistant and more forgiving.

CRT Flooring Concepts gives you permission to live on your Epic hardwood floors!

CRT Flooring Concepts laminates are an inherently good environmental choice in floor covering. They use up to 98% less newly harvested wood than conventional engineered hardwood products.

Green by Design
Engineered to last, laminate offers a long life span that minimizes replacement. While it stimulates the upscale look of a natural product like an exotic hardwood or natural stone tile, the actual material isn't used and the natural resource is preserved.

In addition, CRT Flooring Concepts laminates are made with OptiCore -CRT Flooring Concepts's laminate core board that's strong, stable and moisture resistant. CRT Flooring Concepts laminates meet GREENGUARD indoor air quality requirements and are GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified. CRT Flooring Concepts partners with supplies committed to sound and forestry practices-an important step in helping balance ecosystem health by reducing the amount of timber harvested.

For more information, visit our website.

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