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Professional Advice - CRT Flooring

Professional Advice - CRT Flooring - What

What's Your Style?

Here's a quick Quiz that help you know.

Take our quiz and have fun learning more about how your tastes and lifestyle help determine the best choice of flooring for you.

I. I would categorize my style as
  A. Traditional
  B. Contemporary
  C. Transitional-modern with respect to retro

II. I things that look
  A. Luxurious, visually rich, and interesting
  B. Urban, cool, and uncluttered
  C. Natural and casual, but pretty

III. My personality is
  A. Smart and sophisticated
  B. Cool and chic
  C. Energetic and fun

IV. I have
  A. No kids and an aquarium
  B. A couple of kids and a cat with an attitude
  C. Lots of kids, a litter of puppies, and a well-worn chauffeurs cap

V. The space I'm decorating is subjected to
  A. Limited or quiet use with low traffic (only two dinner parties a year)
  B. Standard family use with average traffic (monthly neighborhood sleep overs)
  C. Considerable use and energetic activity (daily air hockey contests when rocket building in the basement gets boring)

VI. I prefer
  A. Antiques, carved wood, sumptuously upholstered furniture with curved lines
  B. Edgy design, a modern flair; streamlined mid-century furniture in plastic, molded   plywood and steel
  C. High-style but kid-friendly furniture with unfussy lines

VII.I gravitate toward fabrics with
  A. Timeless stripes, florals, or tapestry design
  B. Contemporary geometric patterns in bright colors
  C. Updated classic design in rich neutrals, treated with strain resistance

VIII. My Favorite accessories are
  A. Collections
  B. Minimal
  C. Not easily broken

IX. In general, my home is
  A. A showplace
  B. A haven
  C. A command post

X. The space I'm decorating is
  A. A media room, bedroom, or office
  B. The living area
  C. A big, fat challenge

If you scored mostly As, you like a more formal, classical look. Consider carpet from the Texture category-its smooth, velvety pile will lend a distinctive elegance to the decor. Dark, richly finished hardwood is often associated with formal settings. Layer a lovely rug over wood or carpet, and you have a magnificent look that's very on-trend.

If you scored mostly Bs, you like to be on the cutting edge of fashion. Choose carpet from the Pattern category or a rug that reflects fashion-inspired fabric- you'll find circles and squares, harlequin and checkerboard designs, argyles and paisley. Or opt for the clean, minimalist feeling of a hardwood, laminate, or tile in very light or very dark colors. All these choices complement the spare lines of contemporary furniture.

If you scored mostly Cs, you have an ultra-busy life " and yet you don't have to sacrifice style to get what you need. Try a carpet from the Twist or Loop categories.  They're forgiving, sturdy and great for active families. Distressed or hand-scraped hardwood and laminate are good choices, too. For tile -- ceramic, porcelain, or stone is known for its easy care and low maintenance.

Hope you enjoyed the Whats Your Style quiz. Its a lighthearted way of pointing out that the more you think about what your room needs, as well as what you like, the more satisfied you'll be with your ultimate selection.

For more information, visit our website.

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Take our quiz and have fun learning more about how your tastes ...
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