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Professional Advice - CRT Flooring

Professional Advice - CRT Flooring - How to Decorate with Floor Covering

How to Decorate with Floor Covering

Don't be afraid of color. Whether its bold and daring or soft and delicate, color is the easiest way to brighten your home and express your personality. And if you are thinking of resale, keep in mind that buyers are becoming more sophisticated, preferring homes with a strong sense of design and color.

Light-colored carpets show soil more readily than dark shades, while dark colors are prone to showing lint. Patterns, multi-colors, and some textured styles are effective in hiding soil and spills.

Darker colors make a room appear smaller and cozier, while lighter shades give the room a larger oval look. Color can seem to influence the temperature of an environment. Blues, greens, and other similar shades have a cooling effect; reds, yellows, and browns warm up a room.

In rooms where noise is a factor-the media room, bedrooms, a mother-in-law apartment- there are obvious advantages to using carpet because of its efficiency at absorbing ambient sound.

Contrary to what you think, carpet is a good choice for allergy sufferers. It traps allergens, so they don't float in the air and you can vacuum them right up.

There's a hardwood floor for any room in the house, even the kitchen. Spills aren't harmful if they're wiped up quickly. You will find your charming wood floor just looks better with age and laminates offer wood and stone visuals that look so real, its hard to tell them from hardwood and tile.

Tile is being put into more and more rooms.  It's so easy to maintain and clean. Waters no problem, and if you use dark gout and seal it, stains and soil aren't an issue, either.

If you have a large, open space, an area rug can make it seem friendlier and more intimate. Rugs are also great at defining a sitting or gathering area.


Pattern in carpet and rugs has become extremely popular: circles, polka-dots, stripes, geometrics, and stylized florals. These patterns appear in a variety of color combinations that range from subtle to dynamic, so there's infinite variety in the looks you can create. Patterns can complement the contemporary, add majesty to the traditional, and give pizzazz to the quiet.

Texture is big news for all flooring. In carpet and rugs, look for the loops, velvety fabric-inspired designs, and sculpted surfaces. High-tech machinery is used to create such desirable dimension and luxurious feeling. In hardwood and laminate, hand-scraped and distressed effects add wonderful character and richness. Ceramics and porcelain tile is increasingly seen with unusual and unique surfaces, like spatter glazing.


Carpet and hard surface flooring are being designed more often to coordinate with each other. The rich color palette of wood, the texture of a stone tile-these are used in developing carpet colors and textures. The process makes combining flooring types, which is an increasingly popular look, much easier and less random. The results are gorgeous!

Individualized style is another trend. More people are making choices based not on fashion rules but on what pleases them. Make your home a personal expression of taste and preference-set your own rules. Mix the Victorian armoire with your mid-century chairs. Display your grandmothers quilt with a contemporary rug.

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