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Professional Advice - Estes Audiology - Digital Hearing Aids and Styles

Digital Hearing Aids and Styles

Estes Audiology offers a variety of styles and levels of technology in hearing aids. Working with the top hearing aid manufacturers, we ensure our patients are fit with the highest quality hearing aids on the market. Digital technology offers the most sophisticated in hearing aid technology and gives the audiologist maximum control over sound quality and sound processing characteristics. While all of the hearing aids provided by Estes Audiology are digital, the range of technology is vast.

Within the digital world, there are better and lesser units; a meeting with your Audiologist will ensure you're getting the right hearing aid based on your hearing loss, lifestyle, and communication needs. There are several different styles of hearing aid that you can choose from. Your audiologist can help you decide the right style for you by based on your lifestyle and hearing loss, along with your personal preference.

The styles available are as follows:

  •  ITE: In-The-Ear units are often the best for poor dexterity and the easiest to operate. They are the largest of the custom made styles.
  • ITC: In-The-Canal requires good dexterity to control the volume wheel and they are smaller than ITEs.
  • CIC: Completely-In-the-Canal units are one of the tiniest hearing aids made. They require a "removal string" due to their small size and the fact that they fit deeply into the ear canal.  CICs do not usually have manual controls attached to them because they are too small, but volume can be adjusted by a remote control or even your cell phone!
  • BTE: Behind-The-Ear hearing aids are very reliable. BTEs typically have the most programming options and they offer more power than custom made units.  BTEs rest on the back of your ear and are connected to the ear canal via custom-made plastic tubing and an earpiece, either a custom-made ear mold to replicate the shape and size of the opening in the ear.
  • Open or Receiver-in-the-ear BTE: the latest behind-the-ear style that uses a tiny casing, coupled with nearly invisible slim tube. Open fittings offers a great, cosmetically appealing solution for people who want their hearing aid to work with their life. These lightweight BTE's have virtually invisible slim tube open fittings. Tiny, transparent plastic domes replace custom ear molds, for a hearing aid that you, and those around you, won't even notice.
Estes Audiology is proud to be one of the select offices in the United States to offer Lyric  Hearing to its patients and to be one of the first audiology offices in the state of Texas to be trained and certified to fit the next generation - Lyric 2!
Lyric Hearing Aids are the first and only extended wear hearing devices that are 100% invisible. Lyric is comfortably placed in the ear canal by a Lyric trained hearing professional and can be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for months at a time. No surgery or anesthesia is required. Unlike many other hearing aids, Lyric is positioned completely inside the ear canal, so it uses your ears natural anatomy to provide exceptional sound quality and alleviate hearing problems. Lyric lets you hear better and live life to the fullest!

Lyric Benefits:
  • 100% Invisible: The placement of Lyric in the ear canal makes it totally invisible. No one will know why you are hearing better except you.
  • Effortless Hearing, 24/7: Lyric can be used during your daily activities, such as exercising, showering, talking on the phone, and sleeping. There are no batteries to change, no maintenance is needed, and no daily insertion or removal is required.
  • Natural Sound Quality: Lyrics placement deep in the ear canal allows the outer ear (the pinna) to direct sound into the ear canal naturally, resulting in improved directionality and localization, reduced feedback, and improved high frequency gain.

For more information, visit our website.

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