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You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.

  • About Us

    About Us

    Blue Honey Yoga Studio was developed with the intent to provide an environment of relaxation and Zen. The stresses of everyday life tend to pile up and weigh us down. Blue Honey Yoga provides not only a temporary escape from the clutter of a busy workweek or hectic week at home, but also long-term strategies to cope with these anxieties throughout your life. Try our Sunday night candlelit Kundalini class, which emphasizes meditation and relieving the body of stress and tension. Or try our lunchtime power yoga classes to blow off some steam from the workweek in a healthy and productive way. Blue Honey Yoga strives to educate all of our clients on the importance of making healthy choices and changes, and we believe yoga is a great balancing force that can be at the center of these lifestyle shifts.

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  • Mobile Yoga

    Mobile Yoga

    We have designed a mobile yoga program that brings yoga classes to offices at an affordable rate for the employees. This program is designed to support health in the workplace since yoga reduces stress, provides metal clarity and helps team building for employees.
     We offer a variety of classes, including restorative yoga classes, which is a gentle healing form of yoga that is suitable for everyone – even those with injuries or other physical limitations.  All of the employees who participate in the class are sure to feel deep relaxation and relief of stress and tension.
    Yoga is a great way for employees in the workplace to come together and find a common ground of interest, while practicing in the comfort and convenience of their own workspace. We suggest a 45-minute practice that is accessible to all levels of experience. All we will need is a space free of furniture, possibly an extra conference room, along with a few things from the studio such as extra yoga mats, props (blocks and blankets), etc.

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