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“Bad to the Bone”

  • The History of Eminent Spine

    The History of Eminent Spine

    Eminent Spine is a privately held company whose founders have pioneered a new era in spine technology. Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Steve Courtney, and engineer, David Freehill, co-founded Eminent Spine with the idea of combining a spine surgeon’s medical expertise with an engineer’s experience of manufacturing and design. Together, they provide cutting edge technology to produce biomechanically sound, and affordable devices that are truly “Bad to the Bone”. Eminent Spine’s ultimate goal is to offer a quality product at a lower cost to benefit everyone in healthcare from doctors, hospitals, and insurance to the patients themselves.
    Eminent Spine manufactures the sets, instruments & implants in Texas. We believe that outsourcing slows the process down, so Eminent Spine decided to do it all in Texas. We’re proud to locally produce our products while stimulating employment and growth to the local Texas economy! “Made in Texas.”

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  • Commitment to Quality Products at a lower cost

    Commitment to Quality Products at a lower cost

    Eminent Spine is committed to creating cutting edge products that blend the latest in engineering while addressing the needs of surgeons and their patients. One of our products, the King Cobra® cervical plate was designed specifically to address problems with other tools and offers a low-profile cervical plate for operations. We are committed to bettering the medical industry with a superior low cost model to help the surgeons and the patients.

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  • “Bad To the Bone” – The Products

    “Bad To the Bone” – The Products

    When choosing the names for their devices, Eminent Spine focused on the type of surgery performed and how it related to snake families. For example, cervical surgery is the “king” of spine surgery, so the cervical traction plate needed the name the King Cobra. The Cottonmouth implant looks like the open mouth of the snake with the same name. The Boa Constrictor device constricts two rods together, while the Copperhead is placed in the head and neck area. There is more information on how the device names correlate with both snake names and the surgical site at Eminent Spine.

    Eminent Spine uses snake names for their devices, as well as a snake in their logo, to demonstrate how, just as snakes are all spine, they are all about spines as well.

    Copperhead– the cage goes in the Head & Neck area

    King Cobra– cervical surgery is the “King” of all spine surgery

    Boa Constrictor– It constricts the 2 rods together

    Python – the Cage is inserted Posteriorly, hence the Python

    Sidewinder– the Cage is inserted from the Side, hence the Sidewinder

    Diamondback Pedicle screw– the Screw goes in the Back, hence the DiamondBack

    Texas Diamondback MIS screw– The tall Texas tower on the MIS screw. Everything is taller and bigger in Texas

    Black Mamba– the “Ring” of the retractor is black

    Black Diamond Rattlesnake– it will pass through the Black Mamba orifice

    Rattlesnake– the lateral cage – okay, no correlation here, but it did sound cool

    Cottonmouth– the shape of the implant looks like an open Cottonmouth’s jaw

    Fang plate– the Fangs secure the implant to the bone, so it does not move. They look like fangs.

    Red Diamond Rattlesnake – lays in front of the big “Red” vessels. Not like the Red River (between Texas & Oklahoma).

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  • Back Pain

    Back Pain

    Back pain affects eight out of ten people at some point in their lives, and low-back pain is the leading cause of job-related disability, as well as a leading contributor to missed work. These statistics indicate why back pain and back support are critical to the health and well-being of many people.
    In most cases, back pain is a symptom of a medical condition, and there are many reasons why a person may suffer from back pain. One of the most common reasons for back pain are mechanical conditions, or the way a spine moves. Often this type of pain is caused by disc degeneration, which means that the discs between vertebrae are breaking down, normally a sign of aging. The facet joints in the spine can also wear down, causing back pain. Spinal injuries, such as sprains or fractures, can also cause back pain, and they can occur from twisting or lifting improperly. Many times, back pain and back support are closely related, as the pain stems from lack of support, or poor posture, causing excess strain on the back.

    Back Pain Treatments and Back Support
    There are many treatments available for back pain, including rest, over-the counter or prescription pain medication, and physical therapy. In addition, back pain may be treated with special back support devices. In some instances, however, surgical treatment may be necessary to successfully treat chronic back pain, depending on what is causing the pain.

    Back Surgery
    Often, patients choose back surgery after all other treatments have not provided relief. However, back surgery often relieves back pain, which increases activity levels, reduces the need for medications, increases productivity and promotes physical fitness.
    Eminent Spine offers many products designed for use in back surgery, including the King Cobra Cervical Plate and the Copperhead Cervical Cage.

    For more information on products available from Eminent Spine, visit our website.

  • Eminent Spine Color Coding…Identification and Showing Team Spirit!

    Eminent Spine color codes all its products for a few reasons. One, so that the reps, scrub techs and decontamination people can easily identity the parts. This results in faster turn over and less stress for the scrub techs. Also, for the other people not to steal the parts. When the nurse tells the Surgeon that his Surgery is delayed because they can’t find the implants or instruments, that excuse has been “Eliminated” by ES. Eminent Spine also manufactures all the surgical trays for the devices. Each set is colored based on the Big 12 and the SEC football colors. Football in Texas, for parts made in Texas!

    Cottonmouth is Orange for University of Texas.

    Sidewinder is Red for Texas Tech

    Python is Green for Baylor

    Fang Plate is for purple for LSU

    DiamondBack is Purple & Black

    Rattlesnake is Blue & Black

    Copperhead is Yellow & Black

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